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Character Dialogue
Chief Tui They're gone... Sailed away... or their flagship has, at least. And the Kakamora on the smaller vessels aren't attacking anymore.
Chief Tui Your first formal oration to another people, and you won them over without missing a step... Moana -- you did it!
Moana WE did it, Dad. Knowing you, Mom and everyone else was there to back me up... I couldn't have done it without you!
Moana And now that we're safe... uh... can we talk about something? I've just been thinking about why we came here in the first place...

Putting Down Roots[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Moana and Tui to have a discussion.
"Have a Discussion"
2h Experience5, Shiny Shells50
Chief Tui
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Chief Tui ... A settlement? Here?
Moana Just a small one! We've already built the meeting house -- and there's still so much of this place we can explore!
Moana I know -- it could be dangerous. But this is why we voyage in the first place, and--
Chief Tui Haha! The Kakamora may have needed a speech to convince them, Moana, but I don't! Let's build our people a new home... together.
Moana Dad...! Yeah. Let's do it!