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Character Dialogue
Baloo Y'know, I put all that time into teachin' Mowgli how to fight like a bear... and what happnens when I go up against Shere Khan?
Baloo I get clobbered, that what! Down for the count, like some kinda flipped-over turtle!
Baloo I gotta put a little more work in -- set a better example for little britches! NOBODY licks 'ol Iron Paws and gets away with it...

Put 'Em Up![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 8
Send Baloo to his Oasis for fightin' practice.[1]
"Fightin' Practice"
4h Experience25, Magic200
  1. Requires Baloo's Oasis
Character Dialogue
Baloo ... Okay, don't you ask, 'cause I DON'T wanna talk about it.
Baloo Boy, you go up against a tree in a boxin' match, you don't expect the tree to WIN, do ya...
Baloo I... uh... I gotta sit down for a little. Kinda dizzy...