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Character Dialogue
Pleakley With Jumba's robot on the loose, I almost forgot... today's the day I hear back from GAAAA!
Pleakley Oh: the "Galactic Alliance Anthropology Academics' Association," I mean. I submitted a paper to their annual conference!
Pleakley Not to brag, but I REALLY outdid myself this year. I can smell the visiting professorship offers already... maybe even TENURE!
Pleakley I just hope I don't come across as TOO excited on the communicator call. THE GAAAA is a pretty serious group of life-forms!

Publish or Perish[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Pleakley to hear how his paper was received.
"Hear about His Paper"
4h Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Galactic Coins50 during A Stitch-y Situation Event 2018
Character Dialogue
Pleakley ... Well! THAT sort of language was DEFINITELY uncalled-for.
Pleakley I don't care WHAT they say... "Attack of the Forty-Foot Squid-Lady" simply DEMANDS to be examined in historical context!
Pleakley Lilo told me herself that it's had an immeasurable impact on human culture... and she should know! She IS a human!
Pleakley *sigh* ... I suppose the establishment just isn't ready for a work of this magnitude... Their loss.