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Character Dialogue
The Ringmaster Everybody at my circus, I make them work hard -- and that don't just go for the people, neither.
The Ringmaster I never forget when I get the idea to have the elephants help pitch the big top. Or when I see how good they do it!
The Ringmaster ... OR when I realize I can pay them in hay instead of in money. That is a good day, too.
The Ringmaster Ever since, at the start of each season, I train up all kinds of fresh new workers. Like today!

Professional Development[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
The Ringmaster
Level 3
Send the Ringmaster to train new Circus workers.[1]
"Train New Circus Workers"
12h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
The Ringmaster Ach... What a disaster! Our hippo, she does a good job carrying the calliope, so I think she can pull our food cart, too...
The Ringmaster But no: I look away for one little second, and she eats up all the peanuts we got!
The Ringmaster I ALREADY gotta watch out for elephants and mice -- and now hippos, too! I almost run out of animals I can sell snacks with...
The Ringmaster I rule our lions out of the job right at the beginning. We got safety standards, you know!