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Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen Okay! Now that nobody will be panicking for a while, I can slip away and search for Madame Eudora!
Prince Naveen ... Who I lost track of after telling HER to search for Tiana. The irony in this situation is not lost on me.
Prince Naveen Anyway: You can be sure I'll look around the Shadow Man's old hideout, first -- and WITHOUT agreeing to any bargains, either.
Prince Naveen You know what they say: "Once bitten by a cursed magic amulet, twice shy." ... Or words to that effect.

Prince (Back) on Patrol[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Prince Naveen
Level 3
Send Prince Naveen to search near the Emporium.[1]
"Search Near the Emporium"
6h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen Rrrgh... So much work, and nothing at all to show for it! Perhaps if I dig just a little bit deeper...
Eudora Ah... Naveen? I know you're entitled to your own hobbies, but...
Eudora ...I wouldn't have thought rifling through trash cans in a back alley was one of them.
Prince Naveen ... MADAME EUDORA! Aheh... It... ah... it appears I've found you after all! What a pleasant surprise.
Prince Naveen You wouldn't believe that I've taken an interest in antiquing, would you? ... No? I thought not.