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Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington My friends and I can make Halloween look easy -- but it takes more work than you might think!
Jack Skellington Every November 1st is the start of a full YEAR of preparation: sewing costumes, brewing potions, taming bats...
Jack Skellington ...and of course, practicing scary faces! That's always been one of my favorite parts.

Preparing for Scaring[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Jack Skellington
Level 1
Send Jack to practice scaring people.
"Prove Scaring Abilities"
8h Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Wooden Pumpkins50 during This Is Halloween Event 2016
Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington Did you see that?! That was a CLASSIC Anatolian Sidelong Triple-Grimace!
Jack Skellington I've been working on that for months... You should SEE how well it plays in Kentucky!
Jack Skellington Ahh... I just love what I do for a living. And I'm not even "living" in the first place!