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Porgs (Porgs) are NPC's released with Star Wars Event Update on 17th December 2019.


Porgs are small sea avian creatures of Disney's 2017 film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Porgs were a species of non-sentient birds. They were stocky in nature, with two short wings, flat, beakless faces, and two webbed feet. They could fly short distances but not far enough to leave their native island. They could also run quite swiftly on the ground and were good at maneuvering into small spaces.


A Galaxy Far, Far Away.... Event 2019
Quest Spawn Rate Time Rewards
So... Puffy...! [1] 5 every 2 hours Instant Galactic Credits2, Kyber Crystal Token
Porg-A-Way [2] 4 every 60 minutes Instant Galactic Credits2, Kyber Crystal Token
  1. This quest is available throughout the event.
  2. This quest is only available till the event pre-requisites are completed.