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Pluto's House is an attraction released with Initial Release on 17th March 2016.


You’ll like being in this dog house! Walk up to the quick-service window in Mickey's Toontown for a premium hot dog or a kid’s turkey hot dog or turkey sandwich. Desserts, fountain drinks and cheesy macaroni for tiny pups are also served.


Level Requirements Time Rewards (Every 4h)
Building Gems 60
Instant Pluto Collar Token
Pluto Collar Token
Level 1 Common Blueprint Token 10
Common Blueprint Tokens
Mickey & Friends Relic Token 10
Mickey & Friends Relic Tokens
Magic 2,500
2h +Pluto Ears Hat Token
Pluto Ears Hat Token
Level 2 Uncommon Blueprint Token 10
Uncommon Blueprint Tokens
Mickey & Friends Relic Token 50 Magic 5,000 4h +Fairy Godmother Ears Hat Token
Fairy Godmother Ears Hat Token
Level 3 Rare Blueprint Token 10
Rare Blueprint Tokens
Mickey & Friends Relic Token 200 Magic 15,000 8h +Chip Ears Hat Token
Chip Ears Hat Token
Level 4 Epic Blueprint Token 10
Epic Blueprint Tokens
Mickey & Friends Relic Token 600 Magic 60,000 12h +Dale Ears Hat Token
Dale Ears Hat Token
Level 5 Legendary Blueprint Token 10
Legendary Blueprint Tokens
Mickey & Friends Relic Token 1,200 Magic 300,000 24h Two Drop Chances Token
Two Drop Chances Token

Character Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Level 3
Activity with Visual Animation Pluto: Take an Afternoon Nap
* Requires Pluto's House
4h Experience13, Magic110 Rex Ears Hat Token Daisy Bow Token
Lady Tremaine's Ring Token Joy Ears Hat Token