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Character Dialogue
Beast Grrrr... Cogsworth...
Cogsworth Master--! Ohh, good heavens... I know that tone, and it is NOT a good tone... Not a good tone at ALL, I--
Beast ... Explain yourself.
Cogsworth YES, MASTER! I mean -- explain WHAT, exactly? I mean -- OF COURSE, MASTER! RIGHT AWAY!!!

Performance Review[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Beast & Cogsworth to have a... Discussion.
"Have a... Discussion"
6h Experience45, Galactic Coins250
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth ... W-which is why I TOLD Lumière to re-hang the drapes in the conservatory in the first place! But did he listen!? NooOOOoo!!!
Cogsworth Now -- that should cover just about every outstanding issue on the FOURTH floor, but as for the FIFTH--
Beast ... Cogsworth. I WANTED you to tell me why "Romeo and Juliet" isn't in the library. ... Which you still haven't done.
Cogsworth ... Ah. Well... I suppose it never hurts for one to stay informed...? Aheh.
Beast Yes. Now I know about three dozen OTHER things to be angry at you about.