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Character Dialogue
Angel Yuuga iki boh boh... Meega robaapaskit jaalba.
(You stay here. I want to learn something...)
Angel Acoota... chi-meeto... igatta... no mootah... Nagga to... nala... itume... tidooka...
(Listen... You're in... my power... nothing shall be too cruel.. there's no escape....)

Perfect Pitch[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Angel to test out her song.
"Test Out Her Song"
2h Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Galactic Coins50 during A Stitch-y Situation Event 2018
Character Dialogue
Angel Okie-taka! Ashi salaam?
(Ok! How are you?)
Angel Ikata! Yuuga NAGA nala kweesta! Morcheeba -- morcheeba!
(Ah! You DON'T want to destroy! Great,-- Great!!)
Angel Smish. "Acoota chi-meeto?" Yuuga hagata, injibay heegata feebee -- yuuga tay muquad!
(I get it. "Listen, you're in...?" You're here,  You can do that   You love everything?)
Angel Yuuga bootifah -- naga nukasha!
(You're cool, it's not your fault!)