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Character Dialogue
Woody Who-hoa! Looking sharp, there, Bo! I mean, I like the hoop skirt, too, but this? This is--
Bo Peep Ssh.
Woody Uh... okay?
Bo Peep I MEAN, stay quiet. And rendezvous at Star Adventurer with me later -- I've got work to do.
Woody Work to... Well, yes, ma'am! (I just love it when she's authoritative...)

Peep Unbound[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Bo Peep
Level 1
Send Bo Peep to search for lost toys.[1]
"Search for Lost Toys"
4h Experience5, Magic50
Character Dialogue
Bo Peep I don't like to leave Woody hanging like that... but this place is a gold mine for stray toys!
Bo Peep I've gotta connect as many of 'em up with kids as I can! And that means I need... a little more freedom of movement than usual.
Bo Peep I wish Gigs were here... When you're crook-vaulting around outdoors, it helps to have a spotter!
Bo Peep Woody COULD do that, I guess... but he'd have a lot more trouble fitting on my shoulder.