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The Pawpsicle Token is used to Level Up all Zootopia Characters.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards Conflicts
Judy Hopps
Level 1
Activity with Visual Animation Make a Report 60m Experience7, Magic40
Nick Wilde
Level 1
Activity with Visual Animation Scope the Scene 60m Experience7, Magic40 Prickly Pear Token
Chief Bogo
Level 1
Morning Meeting
* Zootopia P.D.
60m Experience7, Magic40
Level 1
Activity with Visual Animation Coffee Break 60m Experience7, Magic40 Carrot Pen Token Prickly Pear Token
Level 1
Activity with Visual Animation Go on a Flight of Fancy 2h Experience10, Magic75 Spinning Wheel Figure Token
Other Source Time Rewards
Silver Chest Silver Chest Instant x2
Bronze Chest Bronze Chest Instant x1
Resource Chest Resource Chest Instant x4
Aurora's Spinning Wheel Aurora's Spinning Wheel: Spinning Magic 60m Experience3, Magic75
Space Traders Space Traders: Offering the Galaxy's Best
* Enchantment Level 4
60m Experience2, Magic30
Zootopia Float Zootopia Float 2h Gems5, Magic1,250
Zootopia Race Track Zootopia Race Track: Start Your Engines 4h Experience8, Magic90