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Parade Tent is an attraction released with Initial Release on 17th March 2016.


Parade Tent is where you can launch parades composed of your favorite floats!

Get Floats and Start a parade!
Tap on the Tent next to the Cinderella Castle to begin a Parade. Buy different floats and add them to your Parade line-up. Once you are ready, let the Parade begin!

Improve your chances for better rewards by having more Parade Floats in your Parade! Play during the Parade for a 5% bonus on rewards from the Kingdom!

Parades last for 2 hours and are available after an 8h countdown triggered at the same time as the parade starts. The parade cooldown can be skipped with gems, but the Parade can not be skipped.

Earn Bunnus Rewards during Parades!
While the Parade is running, you’ll be able collect bonus rewards from the Kingdom! Once the Parade is over, you’ll be able to claim the rewards from each float!

Other than looking cool, Parades are beneficial to your park, as they attract more Visitors and allow you to collect more Magic, Gems OR tokens!

A list of items that a float could drop, can be found underneath the float. If you click on the token icon, you can see what tokens a float can drop. And remember Parade rewards drop by chance!

For a complete list of the Parade Floats in Disney Magic Kingdoms, see the Parade Floats List.

Parade Slots

Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cost Gems5 Gems35 Gems55 Gems95 Gems195 Gems195