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Character Dialogue
Timothy Q Headin' back to the big top already, Dumbo? Oh, right -- you got that plannin' meeting for next season. I forgot about that!
Dumbo ... ...
Timothy Q Aah, don't be nervous! Just 'cause the other elephants said they wanted to talk... it don't mean they're gonna yell at ya again!
Dumbo ... ... ...
Timothy Q Well... uh... it PROBABLY don't mean they're gonna yell at ya, anyway. ... More than usual. You know what... uh... good luck in there!

Pachyderm Parlay[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Dumbo to talk to the elephants at the Circus.[1]
"Go to the Circus"
12h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Dumbo !
Timothy Q Aww... now THERE'S the kinda smilin' face I like to see! You know, I was listenin' outside the tent the whole time...
Timothy Q And to think, all those other elephants wanted to do was formally declare you... well... an elephant again! Official-like!
Timothy Q Guess it stands to reason, seeing as you're their meal ticket now... but it's a nice gesture all the same, don'tcha think?
Dumbo !!
Timothy Q Haha, of course you do! That's what I like about you, little fella: You really wear your heart on your trunk!
Dumbo !