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Character Dialogue
Sebastian Hahaha! So music was the answer this whole time!
Sebastian And that's why the Sea Witch tried to deal with you before the concert started -- so that we would not find out on our own!
King Triton That must have been it, Sebastian... It seems as if my daughter had the right idea all along -- the show really MUST go on!
Sebastian Well, you don't gotta tell me twice! Now -- let's give that audience a performance they'll tell their grandfish about!


Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 5
Send everyone to start the concert!.
"Start the Concert!"
4h Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50 Kelp Flower Token1
Character Dialogue
Scuttle Aaaand that's a WRAP! Good hustle out there, folks -- good hustle! We doin' encores? 'Cause I got this DYNAMITE solo number--
Sebastian (For the last time -- will you shut that big beak of yours, Scuttle!? It is only intermission!)
Scuttle (Whoop! Sorry, pal. Guess I'll save the tap-dancin' for the after-party.)
Sebastian (Jeez, man. Just when I think that idiot has run out of ways to get on my nerves...)