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Character Dialogue
Mowgli Gee, I didn't see that place before! Maybe that's where Baloo and Bagheera are.
Mowgli Aw, but I can't see much from here... Hmm... When Bagheera wants to see far, he always climbs a tree...
Mowgli I know! If I get up really high, then I can see all over that part of the jungle!

Over Here!!![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Mowgli to keep a lookout for his friends.
"Keep a Lookout for Friends"
12h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Mowgli I think I see somebody! Over that hill!
Mowgli Oh boy! It is him! My wolf howl worked!
Mowgli Golly, I should probably climb down, now.
Mowgli He doesn't like it when I climb too high... or when I wander off... or when I do most fun things.
Mowgli But now that he'll see how good I did on my own, maybe he won't worry so much.