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Character Dialogue
Ernesto de la Cruz Ha HA! Imelda is nowhere in sight, and I only had to hide-- I mean WAIT, for a very short time to make sure!
Ernesto de la Cruz That means that my triumphant return tour can begin right away, without my having to fear competition! Or... ah... errant shoes.
Ernesto de la Cruz How does the tour begin? Why, by playing one of my signature opening numbers as I stroll my way to the stage!
Ernesto de la Cruz Trust me: By the time I strum the final chord, my public will be BEGGING for more. (Maybe I won't even have to ask them to!)

Opening Number[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Ernesto de la Cruz
Level 5
Send Ernesto to start his show.
"Start His Show"
6h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Ernesto de la Cruz Did you see that?! That skeleton looked at me WITHOUT an expression of utter disgust on his face! Ernesto de la Cruz is BACK!
Ernesto de la Cruz Ay... the only way this day could get any better is if--
Mamá Imelda Ernesto. I have... *blech...* I have come to apologize. To you.
Ernesto de la Cruz YIPE! Ah... I mean... What?
Ernesto de la Cruz So, you are NOT here to... Um. Apology accepted! You will forgive me if I keep shielding my face.