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Character Dialogue
The Mayor Oh... I've looked everywhere for Jack... just everywhere! The lakebed, the pumpkin patch, the mausoleums...
Jack Skellington ... Right behind you?
The Mayor Of course, Jack -- I'm ALWAYS looking right behind me!
The Mayor Wait -- JACK!!!
Jack Skellington In the flesh! Well -- figuratively speaking, anyway. Now: I believe you had some concerns about my latest Halloween plans?

Open for Debate[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
The Mayor
Level 5
Send the Mayor and Jack to clear things up.
"Clear Things Up"
8h Experience5, Magic100
Jack Skellington
Level ?
Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington Oh... I see what the confusion was! That rabbit on page 33 is a ZOMBIE rabbit -- from that haunted carrot patch by the swamp!
Jack Skellington That egg-shaped drawing next to it is just his brain. He likes to air it out every now and again!
The Mayor Oh, thank goodness! For a moment, I had the worst feeling that you were trying to copy another holiday...
Jack Skellington Haha! Not to worry, Mayor: I've learned my lesson. THIS Pumpkin King only has eyes for Halloween! Figuratively speaking.
The Mayor Hahaa! So do I, Jack -- all four of them, in fact!