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Character Dialogue
Elsa ... Does that make sense? I just thought that if I could solve all of this quickly, you wouldn't have to worry.
Anna I understand, Elsa... but you have to go back to the castle, and show everyone that this isn't your fault!
Elsa I'm not sure, Anna. Shouldn't we try to stop the storm, first? I know it's dangerous, but the cold won't slow me down...
Anna No, it's not that! It's... well... Let me explain...

Open Communication[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Anna and Elsa to talk things out.
"Talk Things Out"
2h Experience5, Arendelle Shields/201650
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Anna ... So you have to tell everyone that you didn't make this storm. Hans is blaming you--
Elsa Wait. HANS is here? He's back?
Anna Oh! Yes! He's back! I should've led with that. ... He's still the WORST, by the way.
Elsa That changes things. If he's trying to take over this Kingdom, everyone here could get... We need to stop him -- together.
Anna Yes! THAT'S the sister I know!