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Character Dialogue
Daisy Duck Whether the power's on or the power's off, one thing is certain...
Daisy Duck Daisy's Diner is open for business!

Open 24 Hours[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Daisy Duck
Level 3
Send Daisy to advertise the Diner. *
"Advertise Diner Hours"
6h Experience15, Magic100
Ask Daisy to serve some pie at the Diner.[1]
"Serve Up Some Pie!"
  1. Requires Daisy's Diner
Character Dialogue
Daisy Duck Goodness, I didn't think this through. Being ALWAYS open means I'm always working.
Daisy Duck Maybe from now on we'll be a diner that's just open MOST of the time.
Daisy Duck After all, if there's a line outside waiting for us to open, that will be fabulous advertising.