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Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps (Let's see... Mention my arrest record... consistent punctuality... Ooh! Can't forget the Gibbonheimer case...)
Judy Hopps Oh -- sorry! It's my annual performance meeting with the Chief today. Not to brag, but... I've KINDA got a good feeling!
Judy Hopps ... And notes. Lots and lots of notes!

One on One[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Judy Hopps
Level 9
Send Judy and Bogo to meet at the Zootopia P.D.[1]
"Judy's Annual Review"
12h Experience25, Magic150
Chief Bogo
Level 4
  1. Requires Zootopia P.D.
Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps ... TOO ENTHUSIASTIC? How is being "too enthusiastic" a NEGATIVE?
Judy Hopps I mean, I respect the Chief's judgement, of course. No question about that!
Judy Hopps ... But if suspects are complaining that I "look too satisfied about it while I'm arresting them," I'm not sure that's on me.
Judy Hopps Something to work on for next year, I guess?