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Character Dialogue
Doc Let's see... I was on my way to here, but now I'm work-- I mean, I was on my way to work, but now I'm here. But... where IS here?
Doc Uh... Courage, men! We'll soon figure out where we...
Doc Gosh... Where are the others?


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc to look for the other dwarfs.
"Search for Others"
60m Experience5, Grimhilde Coins50
Character Dialogue
Doc Well, I didn't find my mine, but I did find a new men -- uh, I didn't find me men, but I did find a new mine!
Doc Or, actually, I found a fountain that fight have a fine -- I mean a mountain that might have a--
Doc Uh, what I meant to say is, if there IS a mine, then my men might be in it!
Doc I sure hope so. I'm not used to being on my own.