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Character Dialogue
Maui ... Aaaand upsy-daisy! So... uh... if you want me to tie you to a palm tree so you don't fall over again, just blink THREE times--
Moana ... Mmmlrgh!
Maui Well, what do you know? SHE SPEAKS!
Moana ... Lrrrrft... th... brrrrrttt...
Maui ... SORT OF! Any chance you could run that by me again? Your diction's soft of... blowdarty.
Moana ... Lrrft... th... brrt!!!
Maui "Lift the boat..." You don't want me to CRUSH it, you want me to FLIP it! Gotcha. One upside-down Kakamora cruiser, coming up!

Once More, with Feeling[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Maui to LIFT the Kakamora Boat...?[1]
"Lift the Kakamora Boat"
2h Experience5, Shiny Shells50
  1. Requires Kakamora Boat
Character Dialogue
Maui ... Okay, so before you say anything -- OR mumble it -- I KNOW I haven't flipped that boat over yet, and that's intentional.
Maui I've got a whole warmup regimen I have to go through first! Even a demigod can pull a hamstring, you know--
Maui ... Aaaaand now you're not even anywhere NEAR the rock I propped you up on.
Maui Great. Just... great.