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Character Dialogue
Lumiere Mon dieu... The ballroom... it is ruined! We may have driven Gaston away, Cogsworth -- but I fear his damage is already done!
Cogsworth Oh, COME now, Lumière -- stiffen that waxy upper lip of yours! Are we servants, or are we SERVANTS?
Cogsworth All we have to do is rouse the rest of the castle staff and get to work -- we'll have that venue spotless in no time at all!
Lumiere Cogsworth... what miracle is this? For once in your life, you have become inspiring! I will do as you suggest -- and with vigor!

On with the Show[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Cogsworth and Lumière to the Castle to work.[1]
"Get the Ball Floor Ready!"
12h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
Level 4
  1. Requires Beast's Castle
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth Rubble cleared... check! Floor freshly polished... check! Drapes re-hung... check! And what about you, Lumière?
Lumiere I am glad you have asked! I have spent this time fine-tuning the ballroom's lighting, just so... for the best romantic effect!
Cogsworth Hmm... Well, under NORMAL circumstances, I would think of that as rather frivolous, but as things stand... Good work, old friend!
Lumiere Thank you, mon cher. You are not so bad yourself!