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Character Dialogue
Captain Barbossa Ahh... "Captain" Jack Sparrow. We meet again.
Jack Sparrow Ah. Barbossa. Sensing a little hostility from you, mate. Well... more than usual.
Captain Barbossa Relax, Jack... I'm only here to... ah... settle a question of ownership, shall we say. Once and for all.

Old Frenemies[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Jack Sparrow
Level 1
Send Jack and Barbossa to "discuss the ship."
" "Discuss the Ship" "
4h Experience30, Magic250
Captain Barbossa
Level 2
Character Dialogue
Captain Barbossa Give it up, Jack! That ship is mine by right of possession!
Jack Sparrow ... And mine by the right of it bein' mine first, mate. S'why I had it magicked away from you, you know...
Captain Barbossa WHAT?! YOU were the one who spirited my ship out from under me -- who stranded me here?! I'LL STRIKE YE DOWN WHERE YE--!
Jack Sparrow ... Ah. Yes. You'll forgive my running away just then... but I've just remembered what I did with a certain three-masted galleon.
Jack Sparrow I'm off to see a lady about a ship. Well... SORT of a lady. Definitely a ship, though.