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Character Dialogue
Maui Ahhh... This is living! Up on top of a giant pirate ship, dodging blowdarts, fighting Kakamora... Just like old times, right?
Moana Ha! Sort of... Except for how YOU actually think I'm competent now, and *I* don't think you're a Tamatoa-sized jerk.
Maui Ohhh, I see how it is! All right, all right... Point: Moana. I'll tell Mini-Maui to mark it on the scoreboard.
Moana Thanks! And remember: We're not FIGHTING Kakamora, we're STALLING them! This is just until my parents find enough supplies...


Character Activity Time Rewards
Boat Repair Materials Token Collect Boat Repair Materials.
120h * Experience5, Shiny Shells50
* 76h with Gramma Tala or Heihei. 56h with both.

Character Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Heihei: Try and Help 4h Experience13, Shiny Shells30 Boat Repair Materials Token
Level 1
Pua: Find Boat Repair Materials
* Requires Tamatoa's Lair
4h Experience13, Shiny Shells30 Boat Repair Materials Token
Level 1
Sina + Gramma Tala: Collect Boat Repair Materials
* Requires A Homecoming Celebration
Gramma Tala
Lvl 1
4h Experience17, Shiny Shells63 Boat Repair Materials Token
Level 1
Maui + Chief Tui: Stand up to Them
Chief Tui
Lvl 1
6h Experience20, Shiny Shells95 Boat Repair Materials Token

Character Dialogue
Moana All right... This is it. Ready, Dad?
Chief Tui Always.
Moana Okay. Ahem... Kakamora! I, Moana of Motunui...
Chief Tui And I, Chief Tui of Motunui... bring you the well-wishes of our people, and beg forbearance for any pain we have caused you.
Moana We know what it is to face the spreading darkness... To be trapped in one place. No ship... No PEOPLE deserve that.
Moana But we have repaired your boat... and you, like us, can sail free again! The horizon is calling you. Now: Go and answer it!
Moana (... Did that work? I REALLY hope it worked.)