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Character Dialogue
Gramma Tala Tsk... I hope this story won't be lost forever. All this is what happens when you don't treat tapestries with respect!
Gramma Tala And before my son has anything to say about it, pouring kukui-nut dye on them DURING a story does NOT count as disrespectful.
Gramma Tala How else am I supposed to show how scary the creeping darkness can be? Like this?

Now Hear This[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Gramma Tala
Level 1
Send Gramma Tala to demonstrate her technique.
"Demonstrate Her Technique"
2h Experience5, Shiny Shells50 Tapestry Piece Token1
Character Dialogue
Gramma Tala See? It isn't nearly as good with just the hand motions! Some stories shine all the brighter with a nice visual aid...
Gramma Tala But however you choose to tell them... making the time TO tell them is the most important part.
Gramma Tala I wonder how this story will end...?