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Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Oh no... Scary things are popping up all over the Kingdom, Goof... REALLY scary things! Things we didn't even plan!
Mickey Mouse If this keeps up, our guests are gonna be too spooked to have any fun at all!
Goofy Aww... and we were sayin' this was gonna be a "NOT-SO-SCARY Halloween Party"! Now that's just false advertisin'...
Mickey Mouse That's the least of our problems, pal... We've gotta clean the Kingdom up fast -- before this gets any worse!

Not THAT Scary![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Creepy Spiders Take care of Oogie's Bugs! (x50)
"Spawn rate: 5 every 2 minutes"
Instant [1] Experience5, Wooden Pumpkins50
  1. Although the character activities is Instant, the complete quest duration is 18m because of the Creepy Spiders spawn rate.
Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Whew! That's a LITTLE better... but we've gotta stay on our toes in case they come back!
Goofy You got it, Mickey! Who'da thought NOT being scary would be so tough?
Mickey Mouse Not me, pal... but I'm not about to give up!