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Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera Okay... If I'm going to put on a tribute to the Rivera family, I'm going to have to do it right!
Miguel Rivera Besides... I kind of feel like my ancestors are watching over me while I do this. (Or like somebody is, anyway...)
Miguel Rivera But... how will I KNOW I'm putting on a show they'd be proud of? It's not like I can just ask them...

Not So Far Away...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the Santa Cecilia Market Shop.[1] 6h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
  1. Requires Miguel Rivera Level 3
Character Dialogue
Miguel Rivera That's right! It may not be LAST Día de los Muertos anymore, so I can't talk to Héctor and Coco and everyone in person...
Miguel Rivera But there's still a way I can try and get their blessing!
Miguel Rivera I hope it works... "A Tribute to the Rivera Family" was the only good theme I came up with.