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Character Dialogue
Timon Let's see... Talk with some foreign lions without getting eaten... Get a message over to Simba... Sing at Scar until he cracks...
Timon I don't know about you, but that's more responsibilities than I usually burn through in a YEAR. I say, we deserve a break!
Pumbaa I AM pretty tuckered out... But isn't Scar still a danger?
Timon Details, Pumbaa, details. He'll be nursing that headache from our singing for a few hours, easy.

No Worries![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Pumbaa and Timon to the Circle of Life.[1]
"Take a Break"
12h Experience5, King Symbols50
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Timon Ahh... A nice cool spring...a cozy tuft of grass to rest your head on...a dozen caterpillars for snacks... Now THIS is living!
Pumbaa You said it, Timon! I almost forgot that Scar's out there recruitin' an army of mean 'ol hyenas to take over this place!
Timon ...And so had I, until you said that. Way to ruin the mood, big guy.
Pumbaa ... Sorry, Timon. Here -- have another grub! They always make me feel better...