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Character Dialogue
Beast Preparing a ball makes a lot of noise... and there are servants coming in and out of the castle all the time...
Beast It's supposed to be a surprise! If I can just get Belle to stay away from the castle for a little while, then...
Beast ... I hope she's at home.

No Surprises Here![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Beast to Belle's House to deflect suspicion.[1]
"Deflect Suspicion"
60m Experience5, Rose Emblems50
  1. Requires Belle's House
Character Dialogue
Beast Belle! You... you ARE home! Is everything all right...?
Belle Oh! Of course it is! I've just been visiting with my father for a while -- I'll be back soon!
Belle ... Why? Is there something I should know about?
Beast Oh! Um... NOTHING! Everything is... uh... EXCUSE ME! I HAVE TO GO!
Beast ... Do you think she suspected anything?