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Character Dialogue
Gaston ... Eugh. I'm flattered, Miss... Whatever-Your-Name-Is, but the answer is NO. I've got my heart set on someone less... green.
Maleficent Rrrgh... For the last time, you blithering imbecile, I am asking you nothing of the kind! And if you DARE suggest it again--
Gaston Oh... playing hard to get, eh? Well, I can't blame you for trying. I AM quite the catch!
Gaston Look: Just to show there's no hard feelings, I'll drum up some support among the locals for... whatever you said. Deal? Deal!
Maleficent *sigh* ... Why must all of my minions be so THOROUGHLY hopeless...

No One Flirts at Gaston![]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Gaston to drum up support.[1]
"Drum Up Support"
8h Maleficent Coins400 Refresh Token1
  1. Requires Tortuga Tavern
Character Dialogue
Gaston Ahh... There's nothing better than a day down at the tavern telling everyone how MAGNIFICENTLY manly you are.
Gaston It's MUCH better than telling everyone to help What's-Her-Face with... uh... with...
Gaston Well, I was distracted by my own amazing biceps when she was telling me what I was supposed to say, but that doesn't matter!
Gaston The way I see it, I was doing her a favor by talking about myself instead -- and she'd BETTER thank me for it!
Gaston ... And maybe try out some different makeup, too.