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Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington So many new sights... so many new SOUNDS! Oh, just WAIT 'til Sally hears about this place!
Jack Skellington To be fair, the LAST time I was this excited about a new land, it didn't exactly end well...
Jack Skellington ... But this time is different! This time, I'll be CAREFUL.

New Horizons[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Jack Skellington
Level 1
Send Jack to explore this new land.
"Exploring the Kingdom"
60m Experience5, Wooden Pumpkins50
Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington I'll just have to... go exploring. Carefully.
Jack Skellington Okay... I've smelled all the cookies I could find... carefully... and waltzed through all the flower patches... carefully...
Jack Skellington Oh, it's no use -- I just can't keep this many good feelings bottled up at once!
Jack Skellington I'm THIS close to writing a sonnet right here on this spot. It's true!