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Character Dialogue
Spamley You got the right idea, pal... but who are you gonna talk to once you GET to the Internet? We're... uh... kind of in a rush, remember?
Ralph Right. Good point. Uh... well, there's KnowsMore, but... Nah. Dealing with that guy's "autocorrect" thingy could take AGES.
Spamley Fair. Y'know, if you're taking suggestions, I'd probably still point you to--
Ralph Yeah, and my answer's still "no." I still don't see haw a building full of goggles is gonna help me find anything useful...
Ralph Ooh -- actually, I just got an idea! Hold on a sec, Spamley. I'll be right back!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 4
Send "Ralph.fxit" to "Task.Search.Internet."[1]
8h Experience5, Hearts50
  1. Requires The Internet
Character Dialogue
Spamley There you are, chum! How'd you make out?
Ralph Great! Uh... except for when I accidentally tore Buzzztube's sitemap when I was trying to find Yesss's office.
Ralph ... If anyone asks, I'm just gonna say it was like that when I got there.
Ralph Anyway: The good news is, Yesss is gonna help us out now! Not bad, right?