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Character Dialogue
Ralph So... uh... we don't know whether all that glitchy-looking stuff is by accident, or on purpose. But I figured if anyone would know...
Vanellope Say no more: Vanellope von Schweetz, Glitch Detective is on the case! Come along, Dr. Fartson!
Ralph Heh... Well, after you... uh... Sheer-Luck Groans!
Vanellope Eeesh. That's a C+ pun AT BEST, chumbo. C'mon, c'mon -- hit me with another!


Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send "Ralph.fxit & Vanellope.sgr" to "Task.PunOff"
6h[1] Maleficent Coins600[2], Experience1 Refresh Token1
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Ralph Okay, okay... I got one, actually. How about "The Great Louse Defective"?
Vanellope Ha! Well, I don't really get the reference... but I like it! It's catchy. Let's go with that!
Vanellope WOOHOOO! YEAH, US!!! Uh... wait, what were we talking about before this, again?
Ralph Before the... Oh, right: the glitch! Well, if it IS a glitch... But whatever it is, we're gonna figure it out together!
Vanellope Yeah! You bet your overalls we will, Professor Pizzaface!

Character Dialogue
Maleficent No... NO! THIS CANNOT BE!!!
Maleficent This Kingdom has NOT seen the last of me! I will return... and I will not rest until I have destroyed every dream in the land!
Merlin Good heavens...! Can it be?! You... you've bested the Curse outright!
Merlin Why... why, I'm OVERJOYED, is what I am! Thanks to you, the Kingdom's dreams have never been bigger -- or happier!

Character Dialogue
Maleficent HahahaHAAAA! All cower before the Mistress of All Evil!!!
Maleficent This is only the beginning... I will return, and return again, until the Kingdom lies in ruins for all eternity!
Merlin There, there... If at first you don't succeed, continue to fight back against the forces of evil!
Merlin That's how I'VE always thought the saying should go, at any rate...
Merlin Regardless... this Kingdom's dreams are FAR stronger than any darkness! We'll defeat this Curse next time -- I'm certain of it!