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Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen You must want an explanation for all this, don't you... Ah... how much HAS Tiana told you about what happened to her last year?
Eudora Oh? Well, she was vague about it, and I WAS curious... but somehow, it seemed like the sort of thing I shouldn't pry about. Why?
Prince Naveen (Hoo boy...) Ahh, well, it is PROBABLY nothing, but the man responsible for her disappearance... worked here. And so, I thought...
Eudora ... You would search his office without telling me? Oh, honey... I know you mean well, but please -- give me a LITTLE more credit.
Prince Naveen Yes! Point taken: You are a capable woman! But-- Wait, why are you going into his hideout? DON'T GO INTO HIS HIDEOUT!!!

My Mother-in-Law's Keeper[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Prince Naveen
Level 4
Send Naveen and Eudora to search the Emporium.[1]
"Search the Emporium"
12h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Eudora ... See? If I could live through the Storm of 1915 AND the Spanish Flu, I can certainly live through searching one man's office.
Prince Naveen Yes, well... I apologize for my hovering. And yelling. But as the owner of this place is not here, and we found no clues, then--
Eudora I wouldn't be so sure about that. See there, in the corner? Looks like someone's tracked some Spanish moss onto the doormat...
Prince Naveen Faldi Faldonza... You're right! But... how did you--?
Eudora Heh... If you spent twenty years reminding YOUR daughter to wipe her feet before coming into the house, you'd notice things, too.
Prince Naveen True. Spanish moss, though... which must mean that... Hmm.