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Character Dialogue
Rapunzel Where are the lanterns?
Mother Gothel Oh, Rapunzel... You gullible fool. Did you really think that someone was going to help you with your silly idea?
Mother Gothel Now come home with me and I won't punish your little thief friend for kidnapping you.
Rapunzel Mother? I wasn't kidnapped... I ran away! And my idea wasn't silly; it will make people here happier.

Mother, May I?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mother Gothel Send up to 3 characters to Defeat Mother Gothel!
Various Experience200, Magic10,000, Gems20

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Level 2
Rapunzel: Break Free from Mother 4h Experience13, Magic110
Level 3
Flynn: Help Rapunzel Break Free! 4h Experience13, Magic110
Level 1
Maximus: Rein in Gothel 4h Experience13, Magic110

Character Dialogue
Rapunzel I... just hit my mother with a frying pan. I feel bad about that...
Flynn Don't feel bad! It was awesome!
Flynn So Rapunzel, now that you're really free... shall we get this lantern festival ready for the Kingdom?
Rapunzel Yes, that sounds like a perfect idea.
Merlin It appears that the person behind this attack has increased the strength of the Curse.
Merlin It's going to take a bit more time to counter this part of the Curse.