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The Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat Token is used to Level Up Mike Wazowski.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards Conflicts
Daisy Duck
Level 2
Flip Some Flapjacks
* Daisy's Diner
4h Experience13, Magic110, WDW 50th Anniversary themed Gold Trophies Mike Wazowski Ears Hat Token Gourd Wand Token Drizella Tremaine Ears Hat Token
Level 1
Laugh Along
* Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
4h Experience13, Magic110 Sulley Ears Hat Token Randall Ears Hat Token
Bo Peep
Level 4
Girl's Night Out
* Al's Toy Barn
Lvl 5
6h Experience20, Magic210 Celia's Headset Token Timon Ears Hat Token "Drink Me" Potion Token
Alice Ears Hat Token
Mickey Mouse
Level 5
Visit Goofy's Playhouse
* Goofy's Playhouse
8h Experience20, Magic200 R2-D2 Ears Hat Token Davy Jones Ears Hat Token Leafy Mane Token
March Hare Ears Hat Token
Other Source Time Rewards
Silver Chest Silver Chest Instant


Resource Chest Resource Chest Instant


Monsters, Inc. Float Monsters, Inc. Float 2h Gems5, Magic900
Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters: Contacting Star Command
* Enchantment Level 1
4h Experience8, Magic83