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Character Dialogue
Merlin Can you feel it...? The Kingdom's magic... it's changing somehow! As if everything has been knocked off-kilter...
Merlin I've cast spell after spell in hopes of fixing it -- but they're not having nearly as much of an effect as I'd like...
Merlin This doesn't bode well at all... not one little bit!
Maleficent Hahaha... HahahaHAAAA!!!
Maleficent Insolent fools... Up until now, my Curses may have been thwarted... but no longer!!! For THIS spell... is different than the others.
Maleficent THIS Curse will steal away the dreams of everyone in the Kingdom... transforming it into the Place Where Nightmares Come True!!!
Character Dialogue
Jasmine Oh -- Abu! You're back from the marketplace already... What are you so excited about?
Abu Uh-huh! Uh-huh! *chattering*
Jasmine Uh... That's nice, but... you know I can't understand you as well as Aladdin does. Maybe you could try acting it out for me?
Abu Hmph.

Monkey Shines[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Abu to try to communicate what he saw.
"Try to Communicate"
2h Experience1, Maleficent Coins200 Refresh Token1
Character Dialogue
Abu Ta-da!!!
Jasmine Hm. Well, that impression IS familiar, but... No, he definitely would have sent word.
Jasmine Abu... are you sure you're not making up stories again?
Abu Wha?! Hmph!!!
Abu Blah blah blah...