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Character Dialogue
Doc Say, now that you've shown how brave you can be, Dopey, aren't you gonna go get a kiss from the Princess?
Dopey ...!! ...!!
Doc Oh, good thinking! You're right, you'd better wash up first. Don't forget behind your ears!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Dopey to clean up for his kiss.
"Clean Up"
60m Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Grimhilde Coins50 during Snow White Event 2017
Character Dialogue
Doc Why, Dopey, you sure are lookin' harp, uh, carp... uh... well, you look good! Did ya do somethin' special?
Dopey ... ... ...???
Doc All right, but I'm not sure swallowin' the soap makes you any cleaner.
Dopey ...? ...!!!
Dopey !!!!!!