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Character Dialogue
Doc ... And that's why you gotta be squareful-- chairful-- uh, CAREFUL, Princess!
Doc Why, if anything happened to you, I... I'd hardly be able to forgive myself! And my men wouldn't, neither!
Snow White Oh, Doc... It's ever so kind of you to think of me!
Snow White Don't worry. I'll only be out collecting wildflowers... and so long as you're nearby. I'm sure I'll be all right!

Mindful in the Meadow[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Snow White
Level 1
Send Snow White to pick flowers, watchfully.
"Pick Flowers, Watchfully"
4h Maleficent Coins200 Refresh Token1
Character Dialogue
Snow White Let's see... Peonies for Sneezy and his sensitive nose... Pink hydrangeas for Bashful, to match his pink cheeks...
Snow White Oh dear. I wonder if Doc warned the rest of our friends that my stepmother might be nearby?
Snow White Doc is very dear to me... but he can be absent-minded from time to time. I should help him!