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Character Dialogue
Sebastian Ohh, it's no use... I can't fritter away my time on rehearsals like this -- not when you're in trouble, Ariel! It's not right!
Ariel Oh, Sebastian... It's very sweet of you to worry, but I'm sure everything will be all right.
Ariel You just think about the concert for now. I'll swim out along the coast and see if there's anything that might turn me back!
Sebastian Ariel -- WAIT! *sigh...* That girl ties my stomach in knots even when she's trying to be helpful...

Mermaid, Away'd

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Sebastian to wait for Ariel to return.
"Wait for Ariel to Return"
2h Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50
Character Dialogue
Ursula Hmmm... So... Daddy's little human is a mermaid again, is she?
Ursula Ha! Serves her right, the little sea-snake... But if I have my way...
Ursula Well. I won't just have my revenge on the child... but I'll have the ocean and all its powers at my beck and call!
Sebastian Brr-rr-rr... What could be keeping Ariel this long? I've got a bad feeling about this...