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The Merlin's Cauldron feature was introduced to the game with Spring, Earth Day Update on 12th April 2017.


  • Use Merlin's Cauldron to convert excess decorations and concessions into Elixirs! More items will grant you more Elixirs, and similarly, putting in rarer decorations will result in more Elixirs.
  • Elixirs can be used to purchase special content in Merlin's new shop.
  • Exchange your Elixirs for exclusive goodies, including special items that may not be accessible from the main Shop!

How to Use

Drag items into Merlin's Cauldron!

  • Drag and drop any of your Decorations and Concessions into Merlin's Cauldron. Tap on the cauldron to edit items before conjuring. Be warned: Items used in conjuring will be lost forever.

Combine with Magic to conjure Elixirs!

  • Use Magic to conjure Elixirs from items. The cost to conjure increases with each item, but offers a greater reward. Once you are ready, tap the "Conjure" icon to receive your Elixirs!

Spend Elixirs at Merlin's Shop!


Decoration Cost Reward
Common Magic650 Elixirs125
Uncommon Uncommon Magic825 Elixirs175
Rare Rare Rare Magic1,000 Elixirs250
Epic Epic Epic Epic Magic1,275 Elixirs375
Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Magic1,875 Elixirs625

Concession Cost Reward
Common Magic5,200 Elixirs1,000
Uncommon Uncommon Magic5,750 Elixirs1,250
Rare Rare Rare Magic6,000 Elixirs1,500
Epic Epic Epic Epic Magic6,375 Elixirs1,875
Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Legendary Magic6,750 Elixirs2,250