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Character Dialogue
Alice Goodness... So the Queen thinks I've been painting her roses red? But... but I haven't! Not since the first time we met!
Alice And she can hardly be thinking of THAT time... I'm not even sure she remembers it.
Cheshire Cat You don't say! well... perhaps if you knew where she was, you could remind her in person!
Alice I should say not... But speaking with her DOES seem like a good idea. If only I knew where she was...
Cheshire Cat Well, why don't you ask me? After all, I know ALL of the Queen's ways... Always!

Maybe Buy a Compass?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send the Cheshire Cat and Alice to talk directions.
"Talk about Directions"
60m Maleficent Coins400 Refresh Token1
Cheshire Cat
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Alice Cheshire Cat... You know I would be likelier to trust your directions if you hadn't spent half that time pointing up a tree.
Cheshire Cat Ha ha ha ha! So you would! All the ways may be the Queen's ways... but I suppose leading you astray must be MY way!
Alice But if I were going YOUR way... I would pay a visit to the flowers.
Alice The flowers... Well, I suppose that's what counts for good advice with the Cheshire Cat.