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Character Dialogue
Squirt ... It was TOTALLY Little Blue, dude! Surfing her own little whirlpool in the EAC, all by herself!
Nemo That's great, Squirt! Uh... where IS she, though?
Squirt Yeah... that's the bummer, dude. She was yelling "wheeeee" so loud, I don't even think she saw us when we waved at her!
Nemo Haha! Well, that's definitely Dory. I think I know how we can get her to pay attention to us, though...

Mark the Way[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Nemo to find purple shells for Dory.
"Find Purple Shells"
2h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Character Dialogue
Nemo Okay... I think that's enough shells. If we can all put these down near the EAC, then Dory will see them and find her way to us!
Nemo If she's not too dizzy from spinning around in a whirlpool, anyway. (That sounds like fun!)
Nemo I wonder if my dad would let me do that after we get him out? I bet it's REALLY safe! Probably.