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Character Dialogue
Mama Odie There's some baaaaad juju goin' on 'round here -- and I ain't talkin' 'bout MY Juju! He's nothin' but an ol' softie, he is...
Mama Odie Nah, it's that Shadow Man up to his ol' tricks again! And little Prince Froggy WANTS to stop him...
Mama Odie ... Even though he still ain't doin' it how he NEEDS to! Way things are goin', I'm gonna have to learn him that lesson twice...
Mama Odie Well, soon as he's got his head on straight, I'll be here! Meantime, I got magic needs doin'!

Mama Told You So![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mama Odie
Level 1
Send Mama Odie to cast helpful magic.
"Cast Helpful Magic"
4h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Character Dialogue
Mama Odie Ha HAAA! Now, THAT'S what I was talkin' 'bout! Helpin' those what needs helpin': That's the kind of Voodoo I do!
Mama Odie Who am I helpin'? Why, if y'all gotta ask, I ain't gonna tell ya! You got to learn to LISTEN to your mama...
Mama Odie I don't tell folk to dig deeper for nothin' -- so y'all think on it and come back!