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Character Dialogue
Mamá Coco This is the first time I have been back to the Land of the Living since going to the other side...
Mamá Coco But it is so nice to see all of my old favorite people and places again! And so easy to walk around, too...
Mamá Coco Being an old lady is very hard, but being a new skeleton... well, I am lighter on my feet in more ways than one!

Mamá's Day Out[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mamá Coco
Level 1
Send Coco to take a stroll.
"Take a Stroll"
2h Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience10, Vinyl Records75 during A Show to Remember Event 2019
Character Dialogue
Mamá Coco Ahhh... That is so refreshing!
Mamá Coco I wonder if, later today, I could climb all the way up to my secret room in the attic, at the hacienda...
Mamá Coco I never told my Mamá when were alive -- but I used to keep my dancing slippers there, so that nobody would find them!
Mamá Coco I wonder if anyone has been using it since then?