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Magic (Magic) is the main currency in Disney Magic Kingdoms. It is used to create attractions, welcome and level up characters, and expand your Kingdom!


Earne Magic by completing activities and quests, collecting from Attractions or Parades, leveling up the Kingdom and characters, finding Enchanted Chests, collecting Daily Rewards Calendar or Welcome Rewards Calendar and more!

You can also use Gems (Gems) to purchase Magic from the Currency Shop. Access the shop by tapping the (+) icon next to the Magic meter at the top of the screen.

All of the main storyline attractions are bought with Magic, and so are most decorations. Magic has been in the game since its official launch in 2016.

All players begin the game with Magic50.

Magic Bundles

You can also exchange/pay for Magic (Magic) with Gems (Gems). The conversion rate is dependent on the player level. In the beginning, the conversion rate is minimum, and increases as the player levels up. Players are also often presented with Magic limited time sales, which can save them up to 50% on Gem Packs. These sales generally only last a day or two.

Gain Cost
Magic400 - 4,900 Gems40
Magic1,100 - 13,475 Gems100
Magic2,400 - 29,400 Gems200
Magic5,000 - 61,250 Gems400
Magic16,000 - 196,000 Gems1,200
Magic40,000 - 490,000 Gems2,500

Gain On Sale Saving
Magic400-4,900 Gems40 0%
Magic1,100-13,475 Gems80 20%
Magic2,400-29,400 Gems160 20%
Magic5,000-61,250 Gems320 20%
Magic16,000-196,000 Gems840 30%
Magic40,000-490,000 Gems1,750 30%


  • *Daily Rewards Calendar Players were awarded with various amounts of free Magics on Day various dates (typically once a week) as part of the Daily Rewards Calendar.
  • The visual revamp of the Magic Shop was changed with 101 Dalmatians Event Update on 24th August 2021, which includes a consolidation of all the various amount of Magic.