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Mad Tea Party is an attraction released with Initial Release on 17th March 2016.


Mad Tea Party is a spinning tea cup ride at all five Disneyland-style theme parks around the world. The ride theme is based on the Unbirthday scene from Alice in Wonderland.

The ride has gained infamy over the years for the amount of guests (and even Alice and the Mad Hatter themselves) who get motion sickness as a result of the spinning component to the ride.



Enchantment Requirements Time Rewards (Every 8h)
Building Open a Attraction Enchantment Chest for a chance to get Mad Tea Party!
Instant Half a Cup Token
Half a Cup Token
Level 1 Common Blueprint Token20 Alice in Wonderland Relic Token15 Half a Cup Token10 Magic2,000 2h +Mischievous Crown Token
Mischievous Crown Token
Level 2 Uncommon Blueprint Token15 Alice in Wonderland Relic Token30 Half a Cup Token20 Magic5,000 4h +Wooden Hammer Token
Wooden Hammer Token
Level 3 Rare Blueprint Token10 Alice in Wonderland Relic Token60 Half a Cup Token30 Magic15,000 8h +Heart Fan Token
Heart Fan Token
Level 4 Epic Blueprint Token7 Alice in Wonderland Relic Token120 Half a Cup Token40 Magic50,000 12h +Queen of Hearts Ears Hat Token
Queen of Hearts Ears Hat Token
Level 5 Legendary Blueprint Token5 Alice in Wonderland Relic Token250 Half a Cup Token50 Magic150,000 24h Two Drop Chances Token
Two Drop Chances Token

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Queen of Hearts
Level 8
My Unbirthday Party
* Mad Tea Party
12h Experience29, Magic275 The Queen Ears Hat Token