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Character Dialogue
Louie Nobody tell Huey and Dewey... but sometimes? I sneak into The Money Bin when they aren't around!
Louie I hope Uncle Scrooge is okay with it... But there's something I've always wanted to do in there!

Lou-ny Bin[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Louie to visit the Money Bin.[1]
"Visit The Money Bin"
16h Experience5, Magic100
  1. Requires The Money Bin
Character Dialogue
Louie Aww... I guess Uncle Scrooge really IS the only one who can burrow through his money like a gopher.
Louie I keep trying to do it when no one else is around! But I always just end up wiggling around on top of 'em instead...
Louie At least I can throw it up and let it hit me on the head like Uncle Scrooge does... so long as they're the SMALL kinda coins!
Louie It's pretty fun, so long as you don't throw 'em too high -- and keep your eyes and beak closed!